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Teasers & Appeasers – an Hors d’Oeuvre Cookbook by Emily Grimes and Suzanne Brown made its in print debut in Denver, Colorado, in November 1980.  The book was so well received that it went into a second, third, and fourth printing.  Emily and Susu have been continuously encouraged to epublish their book as it offers a wide variety of hors d’oeuvre recipes that can be used to plan an entire party without consulting other sources.

Teasers & Appeasers contains valuable information on advance preparation, freezing, freezer to oven instructions, and kitchen hints.  The section on menu planning for special occasions is especially helpful in knowing how to combine party foods.  The book, containing 153 hors d’oeuvre recipes and 12 drink recipes, appeals to a wide range of cooks and is a great addition to any cookbook collection.

In a Rocky Mountain News review of the cookbook the recipes were described as “a treasury of party ideas . . . .  Recipes in the collection range from the super simple to the semi-complicated with the vast majority designed to appeal to the cook who wants maximum impact from minimum effort.  The recipes are the kind that will be used often.”